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Get To Know Me: 15 Facts About Me

I have seen a few post like this and because I am a new blogger, my readers know little about myself. For this post I wanted to share some information that you probably did not know, so you can get to know the person behind the computer screen. Then I promise to stray away from the list post for awhile. ūüėČ

  1. When I was 10 I fell out of a tree house. I broke my left femur and right arm, which lead me to having a 6 inch plate and 8 screws in my leg. Breaking my femur also caused my leg to grow a little faster then the other. It is now an inch and a half longer then the other leg.
  2. I LOVE to travel. I have traveled a good portion of the United States as well as 13 other countries.
  3. Over the years, I have developed a hate for eggs. I cannot even clean dishes that eggs were cooked in. The smell makes me gag.
  4. I have lived in 6 states but I have moved 9 times.
  5. My career goal is too eventually have my own travel company.
  6. I love baking — In my professional cooking classes it was my speciality.
  7. I absolutely hate eye contact. Especially if it is for long periods of time, it makes me uncomfortable.
  8. I have an unhealthy corgi obsession. Honestly ask anyone.
  9. I recently learned I am related to the royal family in the United Kingdom. It is pretty far down the line, but it is still cool!
  10. When I was younger, I had the biggest crush on Dylan and Cole Sprouse..My best friend can attest to this.
  11. I have 8 tattoos and 9 piercings.
  12. In school science was my favorite subject and I wanted to be a Forensic Toxicologist. But sadly I had a hard time learning in huge college lectures.
  13. I collect Vinyl and it has become one of my favorite hobbies. There is something special about going into a record store, going through all the bins of different artist and finding something new to listen to.
  14. The Harry Potter series has changed my life. I could go into detail but I will save that for another time.
  15. In college I lost my love for photography, but I want to get back into it. I actually miss it a lot.


Now that you know a little about me, I would love to get to know you too! Tell me something about yourself in the comments below or let me know of any questions you would like me to answer.


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10 Tips For Self-Care

If I have learned anything over the last few years while in college it would have to be how important self-care is. When you seem overwhelmed with school and work, you can easily forget to take care of yourself. Self-Care is provided for you, by you. It is important that you are able to identify your needs and how you can take the steps to achieving those needs.

Here are some of my tips for self-care:

One: Remove Toxic People People From Your Life

I have learned that it can be hard to be positive when those around you are not. I am the type of person that I feed off other peoples energy and when they carry a lot of negativity it brings me down with them. It can be hard for me to let go of people especially those that I care about, but I decided that it would be the best thing for me. When I removed these people from my life I felt so much better about myself. I was not wondering what I did to deserve the way I was being treated or why I was not good enough. My self-esteem, confidence, and positivity skyrocketed.

Two: Have A Social Media/Media Detox

Social media and the news outlets are filled with an incredible amount of negativity and it can be draining. Though it is important to stay in touch with what is going on in the world, sometimes one just needs a break and it can be refreshing to take a step back and cleanse the mind. I go through phases where I will deactivate my social media profiles and delete the apps off my phone so I am not being glued into everything that is happening and to catch a breath.

Three: Pamper Yourself

Go get your hair done, your eyebrows, your nails or grab a face mask and relax while wrapped up in a blanket binge watching your favorite show. Take a day to yourself and do something to pamper yourself somehow. It could be something big or small. You would be amazed with how such little things cause make a difference in how you feel during the day.

Four: Go For A Walk

Whenever I get stressed out one of my favorite things to do would have to be going outside and getting some fresh air. In Marquette I would go to Presque Isle Park and walk on the trails through the woods and by lake Superior, so I could hear the waves crashing against the shore. Take your phone and put it on airplane mode or do not disturb so you can disconnect to actually take time for yourself.

Five: Sit By The Water

Along with going for a walk, I love finding a quiet place to sit and just listening to the water. It could be a pool, lake, beach, river, even a small water fall and it seems to just sooth over the mind and calm you down no matter what. Especially if you go early in the morning or evening so you can either watch the sun rise or set.

Six: Take A Long Hot Bath

Are you ever after a long day craving a hot bath to relax? If so turn on the water fill the tub with some hot water and throw in your favorite bath bomb or Epsom salt. When I take my hot baths at the end of a long day, I will turn off the lights and pull back the curtains and light some candles around my tub while playing some calming music. This always seems like the perfect way to end my night. Soothing for my mind and body.

Seven: Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

When I was younger, I used to be a pretty messy person, as I have gotten older I have learned that having a messy house and room stresses me out beyond belief. I have gotten into the habit to vacuuming and dusting just about every other day and picking up around the house and my room. My stress-level has gone down so much due to this. Try cleaning from top to bottom. You may be surprised how much better you feel with a clean house.

Eight: Play With Your Pet — It’s Good For Them Also

This should probably be higher up on the list. It is honestly probably the number one thing I do when I’m either stressed, sad, angry, you name the emotion…I am probably cuddling and playing with my dog Lucy.¬† Grab your pets favorite toy and play with them, if you have a dog take them outside and play fetch. It is good for your pets too and lets them know they are loved. ūüėČ

Nine: Go On A Date With Yourself

Please do! You will love it! Make yourself a nice breakfast to start the day, get dressed up, do your hair and/or make up, take yourself shopping, go to lunch/dinner, and go see a movie, or something else you enjoy doing. Sometimes you have to remember you have to fall in love with yourself and this can be a good reminder.

Ten: Start The Day With Positive Affirmations 

Reading positive affirmations first thing in the morning are a good way to start the day. Just starting the day off with a positive feeling is a great way to put your mind that it will be a good day. They are used to encourage self-improvement, motivation, and even help you set a specific goal for the day.

“Today I will not stress over things I can’t control”

What are some of your self-care tips?

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5 Things I Love Right Now

We all tend to go through phases of things we love and things we hate — so today I wanted to share 5 things I love right now.¬†

One: Lilly S’well Water Bottle

You know back in February when Lilly Pulitzer partnered up with Starbucks and they created those beautiful S’well bottles? I was absolutely convinced it was going to be impossible to get one, so I had no desire to even try to hunt one down. Everyone that was getting their hands on them early was selling them for 300+ dollars and I said…”Welp, there’s no luck in it for me.” One day, a few days after they were released I walked into Starbucks and they had the entire collection of them. Of course, at this point, it was meant to be and I decided to purchase one of them. Ever since that day, I use this bottle all the time and I love it! I am pretty sure I drink more water than I have in my entire life. I get compliments on it and I always feel so bad for those who want to purchase one because they are no longer available. Regardless if it is the Lilly S’well or not they are a great investment and I would highly recommend them, especially on those hot days!

Two: Law & Order SVU

Who am I kidding right now? I love Law & Order SVU and I have for years. But lately, I have ¬†been binge watching it in my free time. I’m just so invested in all the characters and it is a show I could watch over and over again. Season 19 is starting, so now it’s that dreadful waiting every Wednesday for the new episode.

Three: Roses

I work at a hotel here in Orlando. About a month ago I had two different guests bring¬†me roses. If I’m being completely honest, it just made my entire day!¬† It meant so much to me that a guest went out of their way to bring me something because I made their stay special in one way or another.¬†Little did they know roses are actually one of my favorite flowers. I¬† set the vase on my dining room table, so every time I came home it was one of the first things that I noticed. A vase of fresh flowers just really adds something special to the room.

Four: Travel Instagrams

Those who know me would know that traveling is one of my greatest passions and the one thing that makes me happy. Since moving I have not been able to travel as much as I like too, so travel Instagrams have been my go to. A good portion of the people I follow tend to be travel pages as I’m dreaming of being where ever they may be.

Five: Making Soaps & Bath Bombs

Recently I was sitting at home bored out of my mind when I decided that I needed a new hobby. I made my way over to Pinterest and started looking up DIY projects and came across soap and bath bomb recipes. I spent several hours looking up different recipes and ideas, next thing I knew I was at Michaels and on Amazon purchasing the products to begin making products of my own. I made my first batch and I fell in love. During college, I lost a lot of things I was passionate for so I’ve been dying to find something new. I’ve always loved bath bombs and basically anything scented, so I thought this was perfect for me. I’m in the process of opening my own Etsy as well, but that will be with time.

What are you loving right now?

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Welcome To Thrive On Simplicity

20882524_10212622425808547_3433976732570653191_nHello and Welcome to Thrive On Simplicity! My name is Holly and I am a 20-something-year-old living in Orlando, Florida. I moved here about four months ago after I graduated from Northern Michigan University with my Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Now, this isn’t exactly my first rodeo, but it is my first blog that I’m opening up to everyone and taking seriously. Previous blogs I’ve had in the past have been personal, a place for me to write without feeling judged. Now I am here to share my passions, ideas, advice, and more with you. I am always open to constructive criticism, so please, always feel free to leave any! This is new to me and I’ve got to learn somehow right?

I decided to start this blog because I feel for my age, I have experienced so much that I have a lot of knowledge to share with others. There’s so much to learn, so why keep that to myself? I want to get out there and I want to make a difference one way or another. I would love to share my journey through life with you no matter what it may be. This is a safe place for us all.

So as I’ve mentioned Thrive On Simplicity is going to be a lifestyle blog, I will be posting about things that are inspired by my personal interest and everyday life activities. Whether it be fashion, beauty, travel, DIY, cooking/baking, advice, my journey through life, or even just my thoughts.¬†This blogs for You if you’re interested in these topics as well.

With this blog, I hope I can make a difference, spread my knowledge and also learn along the way. I have a lot of hope for this blog and would love for it to be successful. My first goal will be to get my domain purchased. As you see, right now I’m a “word press” domain. I want to grow in the blogging community, make friends, post regularly and not let this blog go on the back burner. I want to be held accountable, so here’s the start of something new.

I want you to feel welcome here because you are! Feel free to comment, message, email me whatever it may be. I will always respond within 24 hours. Any comments, suggestions, or even complaints (but let’s hope there won’t be any) – drop them and I will listen. Feedback is always appreciated and encouraged.